About Us

The Rolling Tones are five experienced professional musicians who love The Rolling Stones. We have created a superb live show to reproduce the look, sound and feel of The Stones at their peak. We have done our homework and give it everything we’ve got on stage to make your evening out as exciting and enjoyable as possible. What you see is what you get. A high energy performance of authentic legendary songs with a breathtaking show. We are not averse to wearing the odd wig and triggering an explosion or two to really get things going with a bang. We have played big events and intimate private parties the length and breadth of the country, and the reaction is always the same. The crowd goes nuts.

People who have seen The Stones at seminal 60’s and 70’s performances have paid us the highest compliment by saying that we are just like them back then. That’s what you get when you see us, a trip back into the hey-day of the stones from the late sixties through to the late seventies.

So come on. Get your glad rags on and yer ya ya’s out and let ‘The Tones’ make your night. Awwright!

Love - Tony Jagger, Tony Richards, Tony Wood, Tony Watts
& Tony Wyman...